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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What is PIEM?
A: PIEM, otherwise known as Physicians in Emergency Medicine, is one of the oldest continually operating Emergency Medicine practices in the metropolitan Louisville Kentucky area.  

Q: Where can I see a physician of PIEM?
A: PIEM staffs several Jewish Hospital & St Mary Health Care Emergency Departments, including the flagship facility, Jewish Hospital.  PIEM has staffed Jewish Hospital continually since 1973, the longest record of service in the JHSMH system.

 Q: What does Board Certification mean and why should I care?
A: All of PIEM's physicians are Board Certified in Emergency, meaning they have met the standards set forth by the only national certifying body of allopathic physicians for Emergency Medicine.   This certification ensures that the physician caring for you or your loved ones has met the highest standards of training, professional development and continuing education.

 Q: Do PIEM physicians participate in Continuing Education?
A: As a requirement of Board certification, all PIEM physicians are continually learning, via hands on classes, seminars, conferences, online education, or Life Long Learning Assessment programs required of Board Certified Physicians.

PIEM physicians also take an active role in educating the Emergency Physicians of tomorrow; every PIEM physician has a teaching appointment at the University of Louisville Department of Emergency Medicine.